USB Printer Cable, Strong Applicability P57VD, Transmission Speed Printer Cord, for Dell P57VD USB Type A to USB Type B Black Printer Cable – P57VD

KSh 900.00 Exclusive of 16% VAT

Connector Type Usb 3.0
Cable Type USB
Compatible Devices Scanner, Printer
Brand FKA

About this item

  • Strong applicability, suitable for various devices using USB 3.0B male heads, such as mobile hard drives/printers/audio decoders/scanners, etc.
  • Transmission speed, Support 5Gb/s high-speed data transmission
  • The overall line of the product is good, 8 meters long, not afraid to adapt to the distance of the model
  • Made of high-quality materials, the inner core is made of pure copper tinned high-quality wire, and the outer skin is a metal film shielding layer, and the entire line is EMI shielded
  • Satisfactory service, If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply you within a reasonable time